The Power of Your Breath

Sophie in Hampi, India

An Online Course To Assist You in Reaching Your Full Potential

Lifetime Access to 4+ hours of video instruction and practice audio breathwork meditations

The body needs the mind to quiet in order to heal and in order to have peace. Whatever is going on in the mind, creates chemical reactions in the body that either heal us or hurt us. By regulating the breath, we regulate our nervous system, digestive system, sexual functioning, and ultimately our ability to transcend thought and be at peace. If the breath is not grounded in the body, then meditation can be difficult because the mind won’t quiet. 


Most people in the west have a breathing pattern that is detrimental to their mental, emotional, and physical health. You may be in fight or flight mode all day long because of the way you breathe. Adrenal overload and fatigue will eventually take it’s toll on your body and mind. Shallow chest breathing contributes to diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat, impacts digestion, internal organ function, sexual function, and creates a mind that is agitated.

The Power of Your Breath Course will guide you to an internal experience of an unconstricted breath- a breath that fully permeates your body and helps you to be fully present in each moment. By practicing this natural and calming way of breathing, you can experience a sense of peace that is not possible if you are in a fight or flight breathing pattern. Most babies and animals breath this way but most adults have shifted their breath to unhealthy chest breathing that creates a multitude of problems in the mind and body. 

You can reduce high blood pressure, improve digestive function, alleviate anxiety, alleviate tension headaches and acid reflux and prevent a host of other health issues, simply by being aware of your breath. You can improve your physical performance if you are an athlete. This breath is also the basis for exploring Tantric sex if one is so inclined.  

This knowledge has changed my life. It can lead to inner peace and is essential in reaching your Optimum Potential. Join me in this life changing, consciousness raising practice. 

Cost  $99.00 (Includes Tax)

Email to purchase or call 226.700.6806 for questions or to arrange in person instruction.

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"One of My Greatest Joys in Life is to Share the Tried and Tested Healing Benefits and Ancient Wisdom Of Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and Yoga."


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