Week Three


1. Do the Meridian Stretch everyday this week for 2 minutes each side. Notice and chart the effects. 

2. Review material and continue to incorporate into your practice. Use the practice method to aid memory and get confident in your ability. 

2. Eliminate Corn, Soy, and eat organic as much as possible. Eat at least one vegetable curry per week and put herbs and spices on your salad. 

3. Add fermented foods to your diet. Miso, kombucha, properly fermented sauerkraut or dill pickles (must be in the fridge not on a shelf.) Have one cup of miso/day as a warm drink and/or kombucha for a cool fizzy drink. 

3. Teach any new client to breathe and keep practicing yourself throughout the day. Be aware of your tongue!

Hips in Flexion Meridian Stretch

Digestive Disorders - The Beginning of Illness
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