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Dale Sunday

Nov 9, 2022, 7:32 PM (2 days ago)

to me

Hi, Sophie, I am in Bellingham Washington now spending the holiday season with kids and grandkids.  Wanted to tell you that I appreciate your help.  My gate is normal and I stride along like some vainy old grandpa when I am out with the children.  

Thank you.

What Sophie's Massage Client's Say

     I was having neck, shoulder, and low back pain for which I had received many other comparable type treatments. Although I would get some relief from these alternative modalities, I was in a constant search for something that would give me more permanent lasting relief. Little did I know that my experience of Thai Massage with Sophie would be the journey to wholeness both physically, emotionally and spiritually, that I was looking for.
     Sophie greets you with her kind and humble presence in her warm, welcoming space. She takes great care in making you comfortable with blankets and pillows. She quickly assesses how far she can take you physically with her treatment and then begins a dance like flow of movements using acupressure and stretching. She has the capacity to emanate Bodhisattva compassion.
     Sophie creates and facilitates an environment in which transformation can take place in mind, body and spirit through the application of this ancient treatment called Thai Massage.
     Thank you Sophie from my heart to yours. I continue to see Sophie whenever I feel I need a treatment and have wholeheartedly recommended her to family and friends.   MJ Piche, RN

     I am a massage therapist's challenge: an aging and tightening tennis player who works on computers with all the various associated maladies: shoulder, arm, ankle's etc. Sophie works magic on these. Her deep relaxation and integrated mind-body approach, is wonderful and exceptionally powerful. Sophie Hawkins’ background as Yoga instructor, artist and counsellor all connect in her unique, imaginative and wonderful approach to Thai Massage.  Dr. Gregory Reid

    Thank you so much for the treatment.  The oil has helped already.  I really don’t know what I would do without  these appointments with you. Mary Jane Millar, Psychotherapist, MSW, RSW  -  NOTE FROM SOPHIE : The oil Mary Jane is referring to is the oil I make and use in Ayurvedic Massage treatments. It's particularly helpful for healing bone, ligament and soft tissue. It's great relief for arthritis too.

What Sophie's Yoga/Meditation Students Say


Sophie's approach to Yoga/Meditation and Thai Massage derives from the spiritual traditions of both East and West and her deep and varied training and experiences.


Sophie is a Certified Yoga Teacher who has been meditating since she was 10 years old. She teaches Breath Awareness Meditation and Hatha Yoga. Her classes are accessible to most people and she happily assists her students modify postures in order to be comfortable. The focus in her classes is on opening Chakras by feeling breath in the body, and encouraging healthy alignment of muscles and bones. Being comfortable in one’s body helps create happiness. Through breath based meditation, subtle aspects of inner body/mind experience can be experienced and consciousness can expand and relax into a quiet stillness.

She is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher since 2002, practicing since 1974.

Mala Costello
Love the class and the atmosphere. A very enjoyable and nurturing experience. I find your voice soothing and your manner non-invasive. A positive experience.

Marina Torrens, Special Education Teacher
I’ve learned a lot about the breath and have incorporated bringing awareness to the breath far more that I knew how to do before coming to your class. Your warm and safe room was a haven during the many frigid nights of winter. Thank you for your own personal warmth and friendship. Learning about keeping awareness right here in the body has been an important and wonderful teaching for me. Thank you.

Juliana Aconito, University Student
I enjoy the classes very much. Being a student is stressful and this class is an excellent idea for someone who lives a busy life, although I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Sophie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She has helped me realize the importance of taking time for relaxation for a better state of mind. Thank you very much, Sophie.

Meloney Akiwenzie-Lisk, Mental Health Worker
The Yoga classes were great. I really enjoyed the tips and handouts that you shared in class. I enjoyed mediation as I am always going even when I am just sitting. I have recommended your yoga class to a number of people. In terms of your studio.... it’s awesome, comfortable and relaxing.  

Hesch Testimonial Alec.HEIC
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