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Thai Massage Benefits

Thai Massage Benefits

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a form of bodywork that combines Ayurveda (a system of medicine from India), Chinese Meridian Medicine, and Buddhist Meditation Practice. It's the most holistic form of bodywork because it treats the body, mind, and spirit. It's also holistic in that it treats fascia, muscle pain and tension, and joint mobility.

It requires years of experience and training to become proficient.

Experience the difference and the long term effects for yourself!

"30 years of shoulder pain is gone since I started Thai Massage treatments with Sophie. She also helped me with an hiatal hernia. Thai Massage has become part of my health care plan. Also, I have learned dietary and lifestyle wisdom that has been very helpful. Thai Massage with Sophie is not just a massage, it's part of holistic healthcare."

Trish Gamble,

Retired Principal

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