Week Four


1. Start spring testing your Clients for practice. You won't be doing any adjustments until you have lots of experience and understand the entire method. Practicing spring testing will give you that confidence.

2. Add one glass of homemade veggie juice a day to your diet routine. (carrot, beet, apple, and ginger with a pinch of salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon is my favourite). Add some kale or GreensPlus (superfood supplement) if you like.

3. Review and implement Thai Massage Techniques. Continue to add TM moves to your routine and ask clients for feedback. Thai Massage is becoming very popular as a specialty massage. You can do it! 

The Hesch Method:
Springing Testing the Pelvis
Hesch Method Spring Testing the Pelvis

I tested her pelvis for side glide dysfunction at the neck at the end of the treatment. Please see the video on Side Glide Dysfunction in Week 5 for testing and treatment. 

I generally test this near the end of the treatment so that any tension in the pelvis is not skewing result. The neck is a tell tale sign and you'll see me test hers near the end of the video. 

Fermentation-The key to Health and Longevity
Spring Testing Order from Prone to Supine In Thai Massage


1. Hips in Flexion- checking for hip extension

2. Posterior-Anterior Trochanter's Position

3. Anterior Rotation of the Ilium

4. Lateral Ilium Spring Test (to see if entire pelvis is rotated)

5. Inferior Forward bent Sacrum - does sacrum move from superior to inferior and transmit a bounce right through to the feet upon testing

6. Inferior Spring to the Posterior Iliac shelf


1. Supine Posterior Rotation of the Anterior Ilium

2. Internal Rotation of the Hip

3. Pelvic Side Glide Dysfunction

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