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Week Six


1. Practice side lying sequence either on the mat or table. This work is perfect for shoulder issues. It's essential for people suffering from frozen shoulder and recovering from rotator cuff injuries (not right away but after the shoulder is stabilized and the person has limited range of motion. TM techniques can restore movement. Never force and favour longer holds for frozen shoulder.

Side Lying Mat Work
Side Lying Shoulder / Head Table TM
Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture is the cause of neck and shoulder pain, headaches and contributes to low back pain over time. It goes along with a breath up in the chest and too much flexion in daily life activities.


While my friend is breathing in the abdominal region he is still pulling up a little in the chest at the end which I point out in the video. It's very subtle but important and relates to opening of the heart chakra and chest region.

My friend was sitting up for the camera but later in the kitchen was sitting in his usual position with excess kyphosis and a much more forward head than you see here when he is sitting.

Treating a Forward Illia
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