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Week Two


1. Teach a Client to breathe. This can be done on the table. It can be as simple as asking them to move their abdomen outward on the inhale and have your hand on those two points. Ask them to notice the low back moving in prone. Tell them about the connection with the tongue. Make notes from the example and lecture and put into point form. Review and share with your clients. This is what you will be teaching to groups so best to practice one on one as much as you can and share your knowledge. 

2. Add some stretches to your supine work. Everyday, add one thing or a short sequence to your routine from this practice. By the end of the week, you will be much more confident working this way.

3. Eliminate dairy and white flour from your diet. These are common sources of inflammation in our diet. Substitute brown rice, almond milk, rice noodles, fruit for snacks. Add the recipes from the cooking workshop to your meal planning rotation. Read labels. Real whole foods don't need a label!

Teaching Clients to Breathe

Lower Supine Table Thai Sequence

Cooking with the Six Tastes Workshop
Part 1
Cooking with the Six Tastes Workshop
Part 2
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