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Massage 4 Life

Less Effort, More Effective, Life Changing

Continue to enjoy work you love well into retirement.

Learn to work smart, not hard by using your body weight and other parts of your body other than your arms and hands to apply pressure.

Learn the root cause of stress and how to heal yourself and teach your clients to do the same.

You can be a leader in your field by offering in-depth, knowledgeable treatment beyond just relaxation and localized relief of muscle pain.

No matter how much discomfort you may have, know that you CAN heal and have a rewarding career.

Please enjoy the following video explaining the 5 shifts that allow you to work in comfort.
Stop hurting yourself to help someone else & learn the secrets to longevity in both your work and for your life!
Learn new skills and knowledge that will set you apart from other therapists and allow you to charge more for your healing abilities. 
Develop a reputation for helping people get out of pain,
stress, and help to change their lives.
Work SMART, not hard!


Betty Mae Glen,

Registered Massage Therapist

"Sophie has a depth of knowledge in many areas that she brings to her work with clients. She is truly a holistic healer that goes beyond the theoretical and incorporates awareness and integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit in her practices. She truly cares about the people she helps"

Sherri Smith,

Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner & Spiritual Healer

I value Sophie for her integrity in providing not only the richest of therapies but also in her commitment to bring the greatest of teachings without compromise to her students. Her approach is warm and loving in the truest sense of the word; wanting to see her clients and students become their absolute best. Her skills are forever becoming enriched with wisdom and experience. She is rare and held in high regards.

Janice Walton, RMT

This course has made all the difference in how I approach my work. I am continuing to practice the concepts taught and go back to the trainings to keep myself on track. Well worth the investment in time and money. I've learned things that have positively affected my entire life, not just my work. Thank you so much Sophie!


MJ Piche, Registered Nurse

I was having neck, shoulder, and low back pain for which I had received many other comparable type treatments. Although I would get some relief from these alternative modalities, I was in a constant search for something that would give me more permanent lasting relief. Little did I know that my experience of Thai Massage with Sophie would be the journey to wholeness both physically, emotionally and spiritually, that I was looking for.

Colin Baikey, MMA Fighter

Sophie was a great help in my preparation towards performing at my best and winning my recent Mma fight December 8th 2017! It was her ability to connect me back to my body with breathing and other techniques, it opened up my energy field to be one with myself. I felt present and I could allow myself to be at my best! Thank you Sophie!

Tommy Socks, Ont.,Canada

Sophie provided me with the most thorough alignment and mobility assessment I have ever received. I had absolutely no sense of being rushed, as she focused on identifying the complex dynamics of my body using a great deal of methods (in my case, The Hesch Method as well as Thai massage) with focus and patience. 

I recommend Sophie Hawkins if you're looking for someone who is caring, patient, determined, and has deep and diverse knowledge and training in the human body.



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