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= A Stressless Life

Right now, notice if your tongue is pressed against your teeth or your upper palate (roof of your mouth). If so, you have a pattern of breathing that is keeping your nervous system in a fight, flight, or freeze state of anxiety. Your cortisol and blood pressure will be elevated, your adrenals will be working too hard, and your digestion impeded, to name only a few problems an improper breathing pattern creates in your body. And what about your mind?

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Juliana Aconito,

University Student

I enjoyed the class very much. Being a student is stressful and this class is an excellent idea for someone who lives a busy life, although I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Sophie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She has helped me realize the importance of taking time for relaxation for a better state of mind.

Thank you very much, Sophie.

Peter McCarter,


Sophie is a wonderfully calm, compassionate and superbly competent teacher. Her warmth and patience make for a wonderful learning environment.

Marina Torrens,

Special Education Teacher

I’ve learned a lot about the breath and have incorporated bringing awareness to the breath far more that I knew how to do before coming to your class. Thank you for your own personal warmth and friendship. Learning about keeping awareness right here in the body has been an important and wonderful teaching for me. Thank you.

Meditating on the Beach

What  You Will Receive

Learning Stressless Breath is a Priceless Gift

That's how I feel after learning from a Master Yogi

My hope for you, in taking this course

is for you to feel a freedom from anxiety and a calmness that nothing else 

 has been able to give you.


This natural way of breathing is a profound yet simple practice that is the basis of health.


Included in the course:

  • One hour workshop on the science and mechanics of a stressless breath and its effects on your health, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being

  • A primer on how to sit comfortably for meditation

  • 4 practice meditations to use in everyday life - sitting, lying on the back and stomach, and standing.

Meditating on the Beach
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