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Week One

Action Steps


1. Practice proper breathing technique daily. I suggest pairing it with things you already do all day like stopping at a stop sign while driving, brushing your teeth, taking a drink of water, etc. Pick one thing that you do and check in with your abdomen and tongue through out the day. Practice before you go to sleep-it can be very relaxing and sleep inducing. 

2. Lower your table and work with straight arms and forearms with proper body mechanics.  Be brave and take the leap! You will have to do this if you want things to change. Remember "If you want things in your life to change, you must change things in your life."


3. Get up on the table. Practice getting up and down the table. Pretend you are working on a client and move into the positions. Take the leap and try it on a real client. Perhaps choose your larger clients who want a lot of pressure. Ask them for feedback-Did you like that pressure?

4. Implement any specific dietary recommendations from your assessment. General Guideline: Eat one bowl of vegetable soup and one large salad every day. Have an apple for a morning, afternoon or early evening snack. 

5. Eliminate sugar and all processed foods. This includes fast food restaurants, pop and diet sodas, and packaged foods. Cleaning up the diet is the foundation for an anti-inflammatory diet. Do what you can every week to make positive change in this area. Be kind to yourself and don't expect perfection but make your best effort. If you are a pop drinker, you are seriously harming your health. Pop can cause type 2 diabetes. Fruit juice is a recipe for weight gain. Apple juice is what the Hollywood stars use to gain weight for a role. Try a fruit flavoured kombucha instead. If you have a sweet tooth, eat sweet fruits (whole is okay), and try stevia for tea or coffee as a transition.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water/day to flush out fat and toxins from the system.

Power of the Breath
TM Foundations #1
Table TM Prone Sequence

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PDF of Foot Map

Foot Work Prone
Six Directions of Imbalance Part 1
Six Directions of Imbalance Part 2
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