Struggling with Weight Loss?

First of all, it is not your fault. Well, sure, sometimes we all make choices that we know aren’t the best for us. But we all should be able to indulge from time to time without ending up with excess pounds. How do the thin people do it? And why have all the diets you’ve tried failed? Ayurveda, now backed by modern science, has the answers.

There are so many myths and misinformation out there, no wonder there is confusion, frustration and failure. For example, a very common piece of advice that I hear is that bananas are good for weight loss (the blog pic is a perfect example). This is exactly opposite of what Ayurveda would recommend. Ayurveda explains which foods are helpful for weight loss and why. A banana has the qualities of sweet, sticky, and damp - all of which increase tissue and clog the system. They are particularly unbalancing in a cold climate. They are excellent food for babies in the summer because we want babies to build tissue, but if you want to lose weight, bananas will not help you. Does that mean you can never have a banana again? On the contrary. One day when you are in balance, bananas (in the summer) can be lovely.

Why is there this confusion? Partly because people are looking at food under a microscope rather than understanding how that food effects the body. Ayurveda looks at how food effects us on many levels (mind,body,spirit), even long after digestion. Just because a food has fibre and is filling, that doesn’t make it helpful.

I regularly see clients who are trying very hard to lose weight and are just distraught by the lack of success. They are exercising (sometimes to their detriment), trying all kinds of cleanses and fad diets, without understanding how the body works. Ayurveda works with the body, using food and weight loss herbs to support healing and balance.

There are 5 shifts that you need to make in order to reset your metabolism, address any hormone related issues, and heal the gut. Once those issues are addressed, (and if you have excess weight, you probably have at least one of these issues), then weight loss will happen as your body heals itself.

In my up coming weight loss workshop, we will cover all 5 shifts, and look at all the options available (keto, paleo, vegan and everything in between), from an Ayurvedic perspective. At the end of this workshop, you will have some clarity on how to move forward with your weight loss goals and live the life you were meant to live. For those of you who are not local, stay tuned for the online version! Here’s the link to the upcoming workshop for January 2020

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