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The Hesch Method

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Physical Therapist, Jerry Hesch had a serious motorcycle accident. The impact moved the bones of his pelvis into a very painful misalignment - meaning they were not in the proper place anymore. He went to chiropractors, osteopaths, and doctors and it was never fixed and he was in chronic pain. So he figured out how to fix it himself and in the process of that intense study, he developed an entire method of realigning the bones of the body. It is a very elegant and painless method of treatment that requires generally 3 appointments over 3 days and then you have a do-it-yourself home treatment program that takes about 10 minutes twice a week to keep yourself out of pain.

I have been studying the Hesch Method for a few years and have recently taken the advanced training and Registration.Here's a testimonial from a long term Thai Massage client who came in for treatment of back and hip pain using the Hesch Method.

Stay tuned for more videos on how I found out about the Hesch Method, how it works and how it has helped me as well as my clients! For more information about the Hesch Method, you can also visit I am one of two practitioners in Canada. We need more! If you are a massage therapist, please consider taking the online training. I am happy to speak with anyone interested in the Method, whether for yourself as a client, or as a practitioner.

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