People Who Beat Incurable Cancer

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

Research has Identified 9 Pillars of Health by Studying People who Healed Themselves from "Uncurable" Cancers. Kelly Turner, Ph.D., has worked with cancer survivors for decades and began to hear of incurable cases that suddenly went into radical remission. She found nine areas of each person's life changed once they decided to battle the cancer death sentence. Some of these people had already gone through chemo and radiation and some of them were told that there was no use in those treatments and that surgery was also not an option. All were given a clean bill of health several months to a few years later. All of them were followed up in interviews many years after they were supposed to be dead according to the medical profession.

Here are the nine things that all of them addressed and often made big changes to:

1. Radically Change a Bad Diet. They didn't all eat the same thing, but processed foods were out and organic was in.

2. Take Control of Your Health. They stopped letting other's make decisions, including doctors and made decisions for themselves.

3. Follow Your Intuition. They paid attention to how they felt in certain places and went with their gut feelings.

4.Use Appropriate Herbs and Supplements. Many people worked with an Alternative Health Professional, if not several and received treatments such as massage, energy work, sound, meditation along with herbs and supplements.

5. Release Suppressed Emotions.

6. Increase Positive Emotions. This was handled well in the book, without the simplistic pollyanna positive affirmation approach that often fails.

7. Embrace Social Support.

8. Deepen Your Spiritual Connection. Many people started a practice of meditation and considered it crucial to the healing process.

9. Have a Strong Reason To Live.

From the Book Radical Remissions by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.

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